Monday, November 29, 2010

Prophecy Girl Reviews Love & Other Drugs!

Before we get started here, a few caveats:

1.  I'm not big on romantic comedies.
2.  No matter how well he inhabits the character he's playing, Jake Gyllenhaal always looks like Jake Gyllenhaal to me.
3.  I have an intense dislike of the commercialization of the pharmaceutical industry.

*very minor spoilers below*

Love & Other Drugs opened last Wednesday and has, to date, grossed $14 million.  Amongst Jake Gyllenhaal flicks, this puts it on the low side of average.  I walk the same emotional tightrope every time Jake puts out a movie.  Being emotionally invested, I want his films to do well...but also I'm shamelessly piggybacking on his reputation and thus, on a personal level, his hopes become my hopes.  I've gone through this several times now, and after three, four, five rounds of interviews and talk shows, I'm feeling the wear and tear.  He always looks so damned earnest when he's selling his movies.  Does he really believe that the one he's talking about at that moment is going to be a hit?  I don't know.  It's his job to make us believe he does.  All I know is what I observed through this community, and that's that the interest and excitement for Love & Other Drugs peaked way too soon...

I'm extremely interested in the reactions of those who saw the movie early.  I've never heard of a film being screened so widely before its release, and considering all the positive buzz coming from the test audiences, I wonder if the movie they saw was the same one I did, or if I'm just being a nerd as usual and looking far too deeply into things.

So here are my thoughts:  The movie was alright.


(And this is the point at which everyone rightly rolls their eyes and groans at me.  Because here I go again!!)

The first half made me depressed, because (see point #1 above about romantic comedies) I don't even have an incurable disease and no one ever relentlessly pursues my affections.  The second half made me even more depressed, because, er, it was depressing.  And by the end of it, I realized that all I had really wanted to watch was a movie about the sleazy underside of pharmaceutical sales.  Because that was the part of the story that was legitimately interesting. 

Unfortunately, more screen time was given to Hallmark-Hall-of-Fame-style confessional home videos than any exploration of the ramifications of working as a drug rep in the amoral world of pharmaceuticals.  I realize this movie wasn't made to either condemn or celebrate America's colossally dysfunctional healthcare system, but hell, maybe it should have been.  The way it stands, the potential political statement was steamrolled by the love story and the love story was stuffed haphazardly into the career subplot and really, why was there all that nudity?  For all the promises of an "adult" love story (with crazy sex and toplessness), the whole thing felt pretty damned conventional in terms of a movie relationship.  What's so shocking about a film where all men (even your doctor!) are sex-obsessed jerks and all women jump into bed with anyone who will have them at the first opportunity?  And where's the originality in following a womanizing playboy who falls in love and renounces his ways?  The woman's a bitch with a problem, the man's a player with a sensitive side, and this is every romantic comedy ever made.

It's just...the potential was there!  It could have been great!  But it wasn't great.  And now I'm a bitch for even saying this because for years I've been lobbying for Jake to step outside his comfort zone and do a movie like this (or Prince of Persia) and now that he's done it, I'm denouncing the end result.

There's no satisfying me.

A few specifics:

- Josh Gad's character...WHY?!  I like Josh Gad as much as the next Daily Show junkie but he was wasted here.  Jamie could have been an only child and nothing would have been lost...except for a lot of discomfort on my part.
- Anne Hathaway was brilliant and totally stole the show.
- That said, if Anne Hathaway hadn't been in the movie, I would have liked the storyline better.
- The biggest laugh of the film for me was when the bus door hit Jake in the face.  Because I'm actually 7.
- I was horribly disturbed at myself when, during Jake's nude scenes, my primary thought was, "Yeah, this is nothing I haven't seen before."
- Did Anne Hathaway work in that coffee shop?  What was that??  And what was with her trucking seniors across the border?  Was that her job, too?  And did she sell her artwork?  I don't understand her financial situation.  And maybe it's not that important, but if so, why give her three jobs over the course of an hour or so of screentime?
- And maybe that sums up all of my problems here.  Why that detail?  Why any of the detail?  Why did it matter that Jamie was a drug rep?  Where was the coherency?
- Tellingly, the most enjoyable close-up of the entire film for me came when Jake said, "I'm full of shit."
- I love a good montage (the opening one was fan-tastic) but Christ, this movie was on montage-steroids.
- I read a review that said this film took place from 1996 to 1999.  Did it?  Where was that passage of time noted?
- I was kind of looking forward to some closure with whatshisname, the rival rep, but no.
- The hype over the sex scenes and nudity was so overblown.  Ohmigaw.
- Jake did a good job and none of my complaints reflect on his performance. 
- Speaking of Jake, for the second time in a row, he really looked like he was having fun with his chosen profession.  Praise Jesus.

In summation, I'd love to know what those early test audiences thought about the final product, I'd love to know the thoughts of people who like romantic comedies, and I'd love it if movies were released at the same time the world over so we could all talk about this at once.  But most of all, I'd love for all of you to yell at me now about being impossible and not loving this.  Because I didn't.  Even if Anne did make me cry twice.

6.5 out of 10 stars.  And it only gets the point-five for the Macarena.  [Insert joke about me being a "hard sell" here.]


I Get the Craziest Questions!

I have now seen Love & Other Drugs!  I have much to say about both the movie itself and its box office performance over the weekend, so check back for a long and melodramatic entry later today.  In the meantime...I've gotten quite a few strange inquiries lately so I thought now might be a good time to offer a quick recap:

Yes, I wrote a book!  You can buy it HERE.

I'm Stalking Jake does have a Facebook page.  You can "Like" it HERE.

You can also "Like" me, personally, HERE.

You can follow me on Twitter HERE.

Tumblr is HERE.

YouTube is HERE.

And if you're looking for "I Was a Gay Cowboy Before It Was Cool" shirts, they are sold HERE.

All of these links (and more!) can be found in the columns directly to the right of the wording that you come to this blog to read (which you are reading right now...look right!). :)

And thank you for caring, even if it is in a non-observant way!!  YAY!

Alright, for real, today's actual blog entry will be up a little later.  OH THIS MOVIE.  So much to say, so much to say...


Wednesday, November 24, 2010

America's Greatest Viagra-Themed Love Story is IN THEATERS NOW!

(In the U.S. only; other countries may have to wait upwards of nine weeks, if a release date has been set at all.  SORRY SUCKERS.)

Well, we made it!  And what a ride it has been.  It may not seem like it, but our little community here has had quite a few ups and downs as we waited for Love & Other Drugs to reach our local cineplexes.  Why it seems merely yesterday that we were all on edge with the lack of movie promotion and also because of that idiot on Twitter who said Jake was dead...

"Jake Gyllenhaal has had such a busy week this week, what with dying and then coming back to life and all.  He's like Jesus, except less's exactly like Jesus."

... but it wasn't yesterday, it was August, and much as America turned to the Beatles on the Ed Sullivan Show to cheer them after the assassination of John F. Kennedy, we at ISJ turned to Entertainment Tonight's "First Look" segment to remind ourselves that Jake was not only alive, but frequently naked in his upcoming movie.  And no sooner had ET calmed our fears, but we finally had a trailer (!).  Remember that, chums?  How excited we were?  Because along with the trailer came more Jake porn than a fan could know what to do with...

Your blankie porn:

Your sad Jake porn:

Your comedic hand gesture porn:

Your sans serif porn:

...etc, ad nauseum...

We were all on a high as August boldly marched forward.  The screencaps kept coming, and before we even had time to catch our breath, we had a second trailer, bigger and better than the original, in which we learned a lot more about Jake's skills as a comedian...

Scowling while talking on the phone:

Scowling while at the office:

And this picture, in which he just looks like he's going to reach into the mouth of whomever he's speaking to and rip out their spine:

And that is what Jake thinks comedy is after all of these years of playing characters who are mentally disturbed and/or depressed and/or have a 50% chance of dying before the end of the movie.

By September we'd worked ourselves into a frenzy.  We saw what the poster looked like, and then we saw what some intrepid Photoshopper thought the poster should look like.  It seemed like nothing could dampen our enthusisam.  That is until we realized that our enthusiasm was not being echoed by those in charge.  Enter the Official Love & Other Drugs Facebook page...

"Dear Love and (&) Other Drugs Facebook page,

Why do you suck so much?  Why is ET Canada scooping you?  Why did you not even name your page with the actual name of the movie?

Why have you linked to Perez Hilton and no one else?  (Perez Hilton is terrible and so is the post you linked to.)"

...and thus our troubles began.  I blithely agreed that we should have our OWN Love & Other Drugs Facebook page, a page which would later disillusion all of us at a time when I was experiencing several major life upheavals, the net sum of which made me realize that I needed to be honest with you and admit that I just didn't really care as much anymore... :-/

It was such a sad and anticlimactic end to our joyful summer (well, you were joyful...and I faked it well).  Which is why, dear friends, I am determined that our Love & Other Drugs experience not end on that note.  

Because of travel restrictions, I probably won't be able to see it until next week regardless.  But YOU should see it before then!  And talk about it amongst yourselves!  And then I will come back and offer an overly-serious analysis of it, as is my wont.

To everyone who is seeing it today:  HAVE FUN!!!  And to everyone else, particularly those who have to wait anywhere from days to months, er, sorry, and we'll try to label our spoilers, 'kay?!

With this post, I hope to remind everyone that we may be a small, strange community that frequently veers off-topic and is, for good reason, ignored by most Jake fans.  But most of us are here because at one time or another (or maybe even still!) we thought Jake Gyllenhaal was the best reason God ever gave us to pay $10 to sit in the dark with a bunch of strangers.  
So Happy Jake-Has-A-Movie-Out-Today Day, goddammit! 

And Happy Thanksgiving to anyone whom that may apply to!  I'll be back, stalkers...


Monday, November 22, 2010

I Was Kind of Kidding Before But Now This is Getting Weird

I joked about the running, was curious, but aloof, about all the Prince William gushing, but now I've graduated to genuine suspicion because it seems that Jake, for the first time in the history of his life, is going around telling people he likes us fans (!!!!).

Looks like someone's been delving into his copy of I'm Stalking Jake! between talk show interviews...

So anyway, last week I:

1.  Ate my first McRib sandwich (not the greatest idea I've ever had, but I felt it needed to be done).
2.  Ran the fastest mile of my life.
3.  Learned that my former love interest is traipsing down the aisle into the arms of another and uncharacteristically sat through the requisite celebratory Dateline special.
4.  Excitedly screencapped the iTunes homepage as the Beatles took 4 of the top 10 album spots.
5.  Saw Harry Potter 7 at midnight and YES I DRESSED UP.
6.  Ran 14 miles in one go (different run than item #2).
7.  Some other stuff.

While I was doing all of that (and some other stuff), Jake was:

1.  Earning his living.
2.  Being attacked by birds.

I'm guessing that, in comparison, this week will be somewhat of a letdown for both of us.

Love & Other Drugs comes out in TWO DAYS, and that day is the very day that I will be in the car for many hours, driving to a house where I have no internet, in a town that has no movie theater.  I will do what I can on both fronts, but I fear that my much-anticipated (by me) movie review will be longer coming than it would have been had this movie not been released the day before freaking Thanksgiving.

I anticipate putting up another post before I leave, but I wanted to take this opportunity to thank Vanessa for all of the incredible work she's done for us in the forum lately.  If there was something going on with Jake, she found it and posted it for us.  And if she didn't catch it, Monica did.  Honestly, the two of them are probably the only reason any Jake fans even come to this site anymore, so I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to both of them.  Thank you!!

And while we're on the subject of things to be thankful for, this link has popped up quite a few places across my internet kingdom, and in case you haven't yet seen it, some dude decided to find every shirtless picture of Jake on the internet and compile them into one long list.  I reacted first with skepticism...then grudging admiration...and finally full-on spontaneous clapping in my living room.  Hats off to you Matt Stopera.

And hats off to you, dear reader, if you made it through this strange and schizophrenic post.  The end.


Friday, November 19, 2010

Whoa, Big Week! Source Code Gets a Trailer...

I'll admit it.  I'm intrigued.

Thank you to Monica for the heads up!


Thursday, November 18, 2010

Oh, Come On, Jake. You Had Your Chance.

I guess hope really does spring eternal.

Confession:  I did not realize that Jake had already started his television rounds to promote Love & Other Drugs because, er, I haven't been paying that much attention.  At all.  

So imagine my surprise when I turned on the Today Show this morning and there was Jake, thumb wrestling with Anne Hathaway and talking about being naked all the time.  "Fine, I'll watch you," I said to my television, but only because it was already on and the timing was weirdly coincidental.

Then I saw online that he was on David Letterman's show last night.  YouTube reaction?  Decidedly mixed:

Based on that, I *had* to hit 'play' to see what I was missing...

And Jesus.

To sum up, I ignore Jake, whine about losing Prince William, and the next freaking day, Jake is all over late night television talking about his love of running.

Now, Jake?  NOW you think it's a good time to start acting like you have a passion for running?  Saying things like, "I'm soooo going to run a marathon one day," like you didn't already know that I've been saying for months that that's my next goal.  Being all, "I really love running 8 to 10 miles," as if this wasn't my exact ideal distance.  Talking about barefoot running like you're hardcore as if it were mere chance that a major reason I haven't been paying attention is because I've been spending all of my spare time selling my damned book starring Jake Gyllenhaal to hardcore runners.

And then he mocked his own beard and hello, it's only one of my great talents in life to mock Jake's beard.  Basically he has spent the entire past 24 hours trying to get my attention.

So...well played, Gyllenhaal.  Granted it will take more than charming David Letterman and Meredith Vieira to make me really believe you still care about me but...well played nonetheless.

He wants me.
(In case you didn't click on every link in this entry, Jake is on Letterman HERE [part 1] and HERE [part 2], and on Today HERE.  Many thanks to Vanessa for being infinitely more of top of things than I was. :))


Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Somewhere in 2002, My Twenty-Year-Old Self is Having a Very Sad Day

I know that this will be hard for some of you to hear since Jake and I have had such a long and well-publicized history together but...there was someone else.  Before Jake.  It was low-key, and so much less volatile, but it was real.

Real delusional.  Indeed, there was a time in my life when I thought that if Prince William just met me he would realize how awesome I am and fall madly in love with me.  And now that long-buried part of me must die, slowly and painfully, as it becomes official that he has lost that opportunity:

All I can hope now is that he never meets me, because he'll be crushed once he realizes what he could have had...  Meanwhile, the rest of the world's male population can breathe a sigh of relief that the competition for my affections just got a little less intense.

(Kate and Wills have known each other for ten years.  Fuck, I feel old...)

And because apparently God woke up today and thought, 'Hey!  Let's make it a Becky news day!' the other big announcement of the morning is that you can now buy Beatles songs on iTunes (!).  The snob in me doesn't understand why anyone who is alive right now doesn't already have a complete Beatles library, but hell, Wills is going around marrying people who aren't me so WHERE IS THE SENSE IN LIFE.

I must now retire for a short while to regain my composure.  Then I shall arise, listen to Revolver, and start plotting ways to stalk Prince Harry...

Press release from the website of William and Harry.


Monday, November 15, 2010

Jake Really Into Gray Scarves Now

Fashion-forward Jake Gyllenhaal (click for summer attire) is once again wowing us with his versatility!  Check out Jake constantly looking confused and wearing his entire collection of muted neckware:

November 11

November 14

November 15

He is America's greatest fashion icon.  Fact.


Saturday, November 13, 2010

Prophecy Girl Tries to Be a Salesperson and Is Terrible as Expected

Last night, I had my first quasi-official public book-sale-sort-of thingy!  My local running posse, the fine people of Breakaway Running, are an overly generous group, as they allow my slow-ass self to crash their outrageously athletic weeknight runs, and they train me for the St. Jude Half-Marathon every year free of charge, and they even give me free beer.

And now my fellow runners (who gently look upon me as "that slow girl who's a writer") are snatching up copies of I'm Stalking Jake! at a rate that makes absolutely no sense, but is heartily appreciated by the author nonetheless.

Last night, I was asked to bring a card table and copies of the aforementioned book to an exciting women's only sale at the store.  Not having any idea what the hell I was doing, I walked into the middle of a rather professionally-organized expo looking like Ellie May Clampett seeing the big city for the first time.  It was one of those truly inspiring moments in know the type, when grand revelations like, 'Christ, there's a reason why I'm not a salesperson,' pop into one's head and then show up in one's facial features in photographs posted later on Facebook:

I'm not easily sold on anything myself, and this seems to translate into an inability to pretend that complete strangers - who have no idea who I am - should be excited by something I'm selling them.  While I'm dutifully giving my spiel, my brain is filled with a running commentary about the statistical unlikelihood of running across someone tailored-suited to my subject matter in such a scenario... 

It's horrifying, really, to think that I should be let out into the world with the task of selling anything to a non-targeted audience...

But I'll be damned if I didn't sell a few anyway!  Well, primarily to the girls who were stationing the wine table next to me, but still.  And then I spent all the money I made on running clothes before I left the store.

Thank you, Breakaway!!!  (You are all entirely too nice to me.  No.  Really.)

Picture from Facebook.


Thursday, November 11, 2010

What Movie is Jake Gyllenhaal Really Promoting?

Notice anything unusual about this shot from some random interview with Jake?

No?  Nothing unusual at all?  Nothing unusual ABOUT THE TIE?!

Jake Potter

It's true, Jake Gyllenhaal, who has always wanted to be Harry Potter, is spending all of his time now wearing a Gryffindor tie (personally, I see him more as a Hufflepuff), because that is how excited he is about Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 1.  It hits theaters in just over a week!  In fact, the only person in the world who is probably more excited about this than Jake is me.

Coincidentally, I just got sorted into Gryffindor myself after taking this extremely long and labor-intensive sorting quiz, which people (like me) who have no life might want to do right now, for the hell of it.

If you are not a Harry Potter fan, then I am sorry.  Both for this post and the empty void you have in your life.

(Anyone else excited about HP7????)


Monday, November 8, 2010

Actual Google Searches that Have Led People to this Site

Periodically, I check to see where you people are coming from.  Sometimes I understand why Google sends you my way, sometimes I don't.  Here is a sample of the searches that have sent curious internet-users to this blog over the past six months (capitalization and punctuation original):

Does Jake G like Indian women?

"dressing like a unabomber"

Ryan Gosling at the gym 2010

Where is Jake Gyllenhaal now?

jake gyllenhaal + wearing + watch

turning into a wolf

"Kris Allen stalker"

"i'm straight but jake gyllenhaal"

donnie darko fork

jesus turned into a werewolf

"I was a gay cowboy before it was cool" shirt jake real

jake gyllenhaal bathtub

when did jake gyllenhaal grow facial hair?

what glasses is jake gyllenhaal wearing in the trailer for love and other drugs

jake gyllenhaal porn

jake gyllenhaal look alike porn

jake gyllenhaal always hitting on girls

i'm stalking my man

achievement christmas ornaments

poll using pictures

list of blacklisted celebrities

donnie darko too confusing

shirtless shamm

 jake gyllenhaal laughing meme

The last searcher didn't stay on the site.  The one looking for Christmas ornaments did. 

Go figure.


Saturday, November 6, 2010

Jake Shows Up to Some Premiere Solely for the Purpose of Continuing My Personal Narrative

Do you have a copy of I'm Stalking Jake! (the book)?  Of course you do!  (If not, go buy one.)  Flip to page 151.  Start with the sentence, "And then there were five of us."  Now keep reading through page 152, down to "But I knew then that there were going to be people even more disappointed in the evening than I was."

You know the person introduced between those two sentences, and the thing she wanted to do that night but didn't get a chance to?  SHE DID IT ON THURSDAY.  So check that one off the list, people.  Another Jake-related errand run.  Signed, sealed, and delivered, baby.

(Aren't all of you who don't have the book really sad and confused right now?  Such was my intention.)

Thursday night, Love & Other Drugs premiered in Los Angeles, a fact you likely already know because it was covered pretty much everywhere, including our cozy little forum.  This was the event that the person in question attended and it was clearly a raging success, not only for her (and thus me), but also for Jake (and thus me), who graciously joined in my quest to have all of my biggest fans have their picture taken with this movie poster.

UNFORTUNATELY, Jake failed to heed all of my instructions, since I specifically asked for pictures that copied my own, but I'll forgive him because so far, he's the only person who has actually participated.  (Which is fine, because I asked for that before we became estranged from the movie's promotional people, but...shhhh!  Jake doesn't know that.)

Apparently the movie was screened and there was an after party and lots of people were there and blah blah blah.  What movie?

Thursday night was quite obviously a celebration of I'm Stalking Jake!  And of me.  As all such events should be...


Thursday, November 4, 2010

Yesterday...All My Troubles Seemed So Far Away...

I'm going to let you in on a little secret:  I wrote a book before I wrote I'm Stalking Jake!

My first book (unpublished) was called Shoot Me, Stuff Me, Mount Me (much like my blogger alias, I stole the title from an episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer) and it was about my life as a college student, focusing primarily on all the boys I had crushes on.  I was thinking about my subject matter a few weeks ago, actually, and contemplating how my most epic artistic creations always seem to be centered around guys I think are hot.  So OH MY GOD, I thought, I'm basically the Taylor Swift of the writing world.  And that seemed funnier a few weeks ago than it does now...

ANYWAY.  The story I posted several days ago about Kara and me hanging out with the Queen came from Shoot Me, Stuff Me, Mount Me, and I posted that story for two reasons:  1) It is perhaps the most classic and well-known Becky/Kara story out there, and 2) nothing else in that book is really fit to see the light of day.  As a 22-year-old, I was a horrible, bitchy person who thought every guy on campus was in love with me and every girl on campus was jealous of my awesomeness and who wrote things like, "When I saw Mean Girls, I realized that I was one of them.  And it felt fabulous."

Jesus.  Christ.

For a while, I've been toying with the idea of posting bits and pieces of it in installment form at, but I have yet to talk myself into subjecting myself to that level of humiliation.  And as fascinating as I no doubt found it at the time to catalog the length of every skirt I wore (the shortest was 10") and every instance of sharing longing looks across the cafeteria with guys I only had a 50% chance of ever actually speaking to, I don't think anyone else would think that shit's interesting.  (Also, I might want to fictionalize it one day, so I don't want to tip my hand just yet.)

Why am I telling you all of this? 

Because recently there have been a lot of changes in my life -- most of them bad -- and I've been doing quite a bit of clich├ęd reminiscing...and skimming through that book.

Adding to the nostalgia is that two days ago marked three years since Jake Watch ended.  (Three years!)  I spent those three years writing I'm Stalking Jake! and getting it published.  I spent them planning this blog, writing this blog, realizing I didn't want to write this blog the way I was writing it...  I spent them working a job I hated, getting laid off from that job in the middle of a recession, and then learning the ins and outs of unemployment...  I spent them pounding out my frustrations as I ran hundreds of miles and typed millions of words...  I spent them watching my friends move away from me, one by one...  I spent them drinking, laughing, crying...  I spent them campaigning, reading, coming in last in road races...  I spent them traveling and thinking...  I spent them in pain, in anxiety, in irritation, in anger...  I spent them watching those around me get married, give birth, die... 

I spent them living my life.  I spent them in a world where, for the first time in my short existence, I had no one unique distraction to come back to.  No college, no celebrity blogging, no romanticized member of the opposite sex to focus on.  These past three years, I have changed in ways that I couldn't have fathomed beforehand.  And it's not just that I barely recognize that girl in the first book, who had never written a blog, who had never had a full-time job, who was more concerned about what she was going to wear to Casino Night than how she did on her senior seminar presentation (though I can assure you she outdid herself on both counts), it's that that girl may have been a whiny, self-centered brat, but goddammit, she had more fun than I do.

The short of it:  "Growing up" is highly overrated.


Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Raging Discussions of Our Time: Jake Gyllenhaal on the Cover of UK Esquire - Hot or Not?

I say not.  A cursory and garishly incomplete survey of other people's opinions across the internet suggests I'm in the minority.  A breakdown of my argument below:

1.  The haunted stare has an intensity that veers more toward physical hunger than sexual hunger.  There's also a hint of disbelief in that look, as if Jake is saying to us, "You won't believe what they want me to do with Taylor Swift..."

2.  Bad posture is never attractive.  It's even less attractive in a suit that looks like it has shoulder pads.

3.  Hand placement reinforces the hunger theme.  I suddenly feel like giving Jake all the loose change in my wallet...or possibly backing away from him... 

4.  OJ Simpson gloves in the front pocket solidifies my decision.  I'm backing away from him.

5.  Dill, though in a reduced state, is nonetheless making Jake look about five years older than he actually is.

6.  None of this is enhancing the headline (which seems a bit lazy...Jake Gyllenhaal is 29 years old and male.  What else would be on his brain?)

Feel free to vehemently disagree with me in the comments.

Also, if you are a U.S. citizen of voting age, don't forget that today is the first Tuesday in November of an even-numbered non-presidential-election year!  That means mid-terms, baby.  So please vote!  (Although if you're voting Republican, even if you don't vote your candidate will likely win anyway...)


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