I get a lot of e-mail so please be patient with me.


1.  I gently ask you to respect that I am no longer "active" in this fanbase.  If you are a new fan of Jake's, I encourage you to embrace that and have fun with it, but please understand that I have moved on and no longer "talk about Jake" with other fans.

2.  I cannot help you meet Jake.  I'm sorry.

3.  I cannot give you advice on "where to find Jake" while you're in New York/Los Angeles/etc.  The title of this blog and the book it represents are facetious; in reality, you will be hard-pressed to find anyone more conscientious about Jake's privacy than I am.  (But if you are absolutely dying, try checking Twitter for sightings of him.  That's the best real-time data you're going to get.)

4.  It's true that I have a lot of stories about Jake and about being a Jake fan.  So many, in fact, that I wrote a book.  In that book are things I couldn't possibly fit into an e-mail.

If you are interested in...

a.  How I met Jake
b.  What my relationship is with the Gyllenhaal family
c.  What Jake is "really like"
d.  How and why I became a fan
e.  What Jake's interest is in this fanbase (or in you, as a fan)

...then please consider reading the book.  Sharing these exact stories is the reason I wrote the book in the first place! :)  And as such, you will find much, much more in its pages than I could ever offer in an e-mail.


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