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I'm Stalking Jake! is a spin-off of the blog Jake Watch.  It's named after a book of the same name.  For more on the book, click HERE.  For more on Jake Watch, keep reading...

Jake Watch (April 3, 2006 - November 2, 2007) was a blog centered around the actor Jake Gyllenhaal.  Jake Watch (JW) existed as a means to discuss how hot Jake was (is?) while simultaneously acknowledging that he's a huge dork. 

JW sprang forth, fully formed, from the forehead of britpopbaby, who was joined after months of unparalleled success by Prophecy Girl.  Together, the two decided that Jake was failing spectacularly at the task of dictating his own narrative, and that as mediocre, self-serving fans, they were as qualified as anyone to tell his story for him.

Through nineteen months and 675 posts, JW was responsible for a full-length movie script, an unfathomably dumb internet rumor, and the wildly popular party game Paparazzi Bingo.  JW also helmed the highly unsuccessful "Jake in '08" presidential campaign, and ran a T-shirt business that was questionable at best in terms of legality.

In its day, JW was the most popular Jake Gyllenhaal blog on the internet, which is saying something since there used to be a hell of a lot of Jake Gyllenhaal blogs out there.  After JW's valiant death in November of 2007, Prophecy Girl started writing a book about her adventures to make sense of the turmoil she'd lived through; britpopbaby, in contrast, got a life.

In May 2010, JW reformed under the title I'm Stalking Jake! (exclamation point included) and has existed ever since as a haven for people who don't take themselves seriously and take Jake even less seriously. The website shares its name with Prophecy Girl's book, as she wanted to make sure people remembered what to ask for when they went to the bookstore.  The end.

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