Monday, May 17, 2010

The (Early) Daily Facebook!

We tackle today's question early as later this evening we will all be far too busy paying attention to the Los Angeles premiere of Prince of Persia to care about people who leave questions on Facebook.  I hope to be able to provide the means to watch the premiere live right here on this very website, so be sure to check back later!  (Not having done the research to know whether or not this is possible though, I cannot promise that when you come back what you'll find will have anything to do with Prince of Persia.  But here's hoping!)

Today's question comes from Diana "I'm the only person to have a question answered so far who has been smart enough to hide her personal information from Prophecy Girl" Davis, who writes:

in the really old pc version i could never get him over the spike pit, please tell me he makes it over this time. and how many stunt doubles did it kill? ;)

ANSWER:  TWELVE MEN WERE KILLED, Diana.  But not because they fell in the spike pit.  Because they called Jake "bikini-waxed."

Thank you for participating!  And thank you for so cavalierly bringing up your gaming inadequacies in public.


Sam May 18, 2010 at 3:18 AM  

A video game? really? Huh... i thought this was just a Jake movie. hehe

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